Free Greek and Hebrew Tool

Posted by Chuck on January 7, 2009 under Resources | Be the First to Comment

Recently I’ve lamented upgrading my computer to Microsoft Vista, and not because of problems with the operating system.  I actually like Vista – anyway . . . my lament comes from the fact that the program I once used for Hebrew no longer works.  So, I went looking for some free alternatives and found  For free I haven’t found anything that comes close – so, if you’re in need of a FREE Greek/Hebrew interlinear Bible program this link’s for you!

Mobile Bible

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Not too long ago a church member saw me playing with my cell phone while another speaker was presenting a lesson.  They wanted to scold me for “texting.”  I then showed them the GoBible and they were amazed.

With all of the games and apps out for cell phones it was only a matter of time before someone made a Biblical application for a mobile.  Here’s three I’ve used:
This is currently on my cell phone.  It gives you complete search capabilities of the entire KJV.  And after it’s downloaded it becomes an app on your phone, so no network connection is needed.  And best of all it’s free!
My next favorite is   The only reason this is number two instead of number one is because you need a network connection to use the site.  The site is very simple and easy to use on your mobile, because that is what it was designed for 100%!  You can search for a verse reference, find cross references, and search for phrases.  Why I would use this in addition to the GoBible is because offers multiple translations.
A step beyond translations is  gives you the power of the site in the palm of your hand.  You do need a network connection.

With anyone one of these, as long as you’ve got your mobile, you’ve got the Scriptures with you.