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Not too long ago, there were only a few sources that we could access with news among the churches of Christ.  Most of the sources were products of our colleges and universities.

Of course, long time publications like the Christian Chronicle and the Gospel Advocate always had information, but since it was printed monthly, the news wasn’t very “new”.

Today both the Chronicle and Advocate have web sites, but only the Chronicle posts current news items.  I recently came across Brotherhood News and I am simply amazed at the wealth of content.

Articles For Edification

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I came across an excellent web site with a diverse collection of well-written articles simply called: church of Christ articles  – Here is what their “about” says at the site:

This objective of this site is to enable you the reader to discover what preachers from the Churches of Christ are teaching.  The preachers study and come to their conclusions by studying the Bible.  Each of the men on who post on this site are all in agreement on what constitutes “Biblical Authority” and “God’s Plan of Salvation” and strive to teach accordingly.

I have found the articles useful, informative, educational, and uplifting.  I pray that you find them beneficial as well!

Essays Worth Reading

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A good friend of mine in the Lord’s church, shared with me an article recently from a web site that has simply amazing content.  The site is One In Jesus by Jay Guin.  While I do not know Jay personally, I have been edified by many of his articles and I believe that you be will too.