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Not too long ago, there were only a few sources that we could access with news among the churches of Christ.  Most of the sources were products of our colleges and universities.

Of course, long time publications like the Christian Chronicle and the Gospel Advocate always had information, but since it was printed monthly, the news wasn’t very “new”.

Today both the Chronicle and Advocate have web sites, but only the Chronicle posts current news items.  I recently came across Brotherhood News and I am simply amazed at the wealth of content.

Articles For Edification

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I came across an excellent web site with a diverse collection of well-written articles simply called: church of Christ articles  – Here is what their “about” says at the site:

This objective of this site is to enable you the reader to discover what preachers from the Churches of Christ are teaching.  The preachers study and come to their conclusions by studying the Bible.  Each of the men on who post on this site are all in agreement on what constitutes “Biblical Authority” and “God’s Plan of Salvation” and strive to teach accordingly.

I have found the articles useful, informative, educational, and uplifting.  I pray that you find them beneficial as well!

Essays Worth Reading

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A good friend of mine in the Lord’s church, shared with me an article recently from a web site that has simply amazing content.  The site is One In Jesus by Jay Guin.  While I do not know Jay personally, I have been edified by many of his articles and I believe that you be will too.

VBS 2011

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It seems as though I failed to note my VBS choice for 2011.  After looking through a dozen or so VBS kits we opted for Group’s PandaMania!  The five day VBS focused on God’s presence in our lives based upon Psalm 139.  Day 1 is God Made You; Day 2 is God Listens To You; Day 3 is God Watches Over You; Day 4 is God Loves You; Day 5 is God Gives Good Gifts.

The VBS rotates among stations and works well.  The thing that made this VBS different for our teachers is that this is the first VBS we did with groups of kids with mixed ages.  I was skeptical at first, but it worked out really well.  The key is to get the older kids to help the younger ones.  Having mixed ages also affords splitting up some kids who are (for a better lack of words) troublemakers.  It also allows for siblings to be together.

VBS 2010

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While I didn’t publish one on my blog for 2009, I did indeed research Vacation Bible School material. The congregation where I minister settled on “Studio Go!” from Standard Publishing in 2009. The VBS came from a different approach than most VBS (jungle, safari, pirates) with a “game show” theme. The material focused on “Go”-ing, making it a very proactive VBS that we all (including the kids) enjoyed and learned from.

Many of the kits from 2009 are still available and look interesting, but for our purposes I’ll just “review” what’s new for 2010 that peaked my interest. By the way, I do this knowing full-well that many congregations have already picked a VBS kit, but (*ahem*) I know that some haven’t!

Group’s new VBS for 2010 is “High Seas Expedition.” And while a first glance might cause us to think that it is just another “pirate VBS” – it is not. It’s a 5 day VBS using their “trademark” cute characters to explore the “seven seas.” That kind of means a “sea-safari” of sorts (kind of). The main day’s themes emphasize God’s Word and are: God’s Word is true; God’s Word is comforting; God’s Word is surprising; God’s Word is life-changing; and God’s Word is for everyone. The “usual” disclaimers apply as Group is not affiliated with the churches of Christ.

Standard Publishing has my attention again this year with yet another different approach to their VBS for 2010. This year’s theme is “Hero Headquarters.” And if you’re thinking super heroes, you’re on the right track. The fun-filled five day VBS day’s themes include: Heroes do the unexpected; Heroes take action; Heroes step out on faith; Heroes save the day; and Heroes stand for truth. Again, the “usual” disclaimers apply.

When I first saw Concordia Publishing’s “Planet Zoom” I thought – “cool, a space theme VBS!” – but it turned out to be about a bee (not quite Bug Safari, but about the same). Now, this 5 day VBS is still a nicely prepared kit that is simple and easy to do. The main day’s themes are: Biz-z-zy Believers; An Unbee-lievable Meal; Amaz-z-zing Care; A New Bee-ginning; and Bee Free in Jesus. I will say that out of the VBS I’ve looked at their snacks seem really simple and tasty looking too! Again, the “usual” disclaimers apply.

Group also has a second VBS for 2010 with an “Egyptian” emphasis called “Egypt Joseph’s Journey from prison to palace.” And unlike the three above, this has got to be the most “involved.” I say this because of the costuming and decorations. Still, don’t let that “scare you” – the overall message is an important one. While the VBS uses Joseph’s story as a backdrop, the five day’s themes are: God gives us hope; God gives us special abilities; God gives us wisdom; God gives us forgiveness; and God gives us a family. Again, the “usual” disclaimers apply.

Gospel Light has a fun looking VBS for the younger crowd called “SonQuest Rainforest.” Yeah, it’s a “jungle” theme (rainforest/jungle = same), but kids like that stuff! The snacks look simple, but the crafts are a little expensive because they’re all kits. The five day’s very fundamental themes are: Get it; Get found; Get God’s love; Get praying; and Get going. Do I need to say it: the “usual” disclaimers apply.

While there are a few other VBS kits new for 2010 these are the five that caught my eye. Unless someone is hiding something, I don’t see anything new for 2010 from the churches of Christ. Still, “Rise and Shine for Jesus” from Lambert Book House (farm based theme) sounds like lots of “hee haw” fun with sound Biblical teaching. The five day’s themes are: By Being Thankful; By Caring and Sharing; By Being Honest; By Being a Peacemaker; and By Overcoming Temptation. No disclaimer needed 🙂