Under Construction

Posted by Chuck on December 23, 2008 under Announcements | Be the First to Comment

For those who have visited Bible101.org over the past 11 years, you’ll know that the site has evolved from a list of links to a searchable database of Christian web sites.  In recent years I’ve added PowerPoint templates and Jokes & Stories that are both searchable and can be downloaded and used for free.  I have found it difficult to maintain the database for Bible101.org and am currently experimenting with a newer method to share web sites with the Christian community that will benefit students, ministers, and teachers.

The orginial purpose of Bible101.org was to list useful websites for the Bible student, since I was a college student at the time.  Since then I’ve made slight shifts toward preaching and teaching since that is now my full-time occupation.  Bible101.org’s emphasis will be to share useful Christian web sites for the student, minister, and teacher as I come across them.  This is how Bible101.org started, so in a way, I’ve come full circle, but with newer technology.

Things will take some time as I adapt, learn, and make modifications to Bible101.org and it’s subwebs.  Lord willing I’ll have things up and going 100% in a few short days.  It’s my prayer that those who visit Bible101.org will benefit even more than in the past.  Thank you for visiting and sharing!

–  Chuck.