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Posted by Chuck on December 24, 2008 under Churches | Be the First to Comment

World Wide Directory of the churches of Christ
Whenever I want to check on a church location or minister, one of the better places to look is:

The site is a little “old-school” in design (those flashing animated bullets hurt my eyes) and it would be nice if the link for the USA were at the top, so here it is for easy access.   Hint: to stop the annoying flashing bullets hit your browser’s STOP button.

The directory that I turn to the most for US churches of Christ is ChurchZip.  The thing that is really nice is that it is totally free, easy to update, and whenever a member tells me that they want to find a church in a certain area, you put in the zip code of the area and you get a nice list of congregations from that zip code as a starting point out by the radius you select.  Very modern, and no flashing bullets!

Churches of Christ on the web
For church web sites online one of the oldest and best kept lists is at the church of Christ North’s site “churches of Christ on the web”