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Two subsites of Bible101.org have not been quite working like they should for some time.  I finally got around to “fixing” them.  So, now you can fully search Jokes & Stories and the PowerPoint backgrounds.



Bible101.org Hosted Sites

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Let me mention a few web sites I’ve designed and host here at Bible101.org

Hymn A Day
A good friend of mine wrote two very handy books about hymns.  When I saw what Graham McKay had put together, I just knew that it needed to be online.  Check out some samples from his books and buy a book!

Word Missions Review
When I was in graduate school I met a dear sister in the Lord who was a missionary in her younger days.  Kay Patton handed me a newsletter she mailed to friend about missionary activities that I turned into a simple web site.  I’ve always found the activities of missionaries around the world to be extremely encouraging.

Biblia Hebraica
Taking Hebrew in college was a chore for me.  At the time there were no Hebrew tutor web sites or helps for Biblical Hebrew.  A friend of mine suggested we make something for ourselves.  We did, and it was Biblia Hebraica.  It was useful for us, so I’ve posted our notes, quizzes and exercises online for all to share to help students (in particular) do better in a Hebrew class.

Good News For You
A minister friend wrote a Bible lesson called “Good News For You.”  Since I found very few interactive Bible lessons online that actually seemed interesting.  I created an interactive version of the paper version of Good News For You for all to share.  I’ll have to admit that the coding is old-school html, but it still does the job!  Perhaps one of these days I’ll update it.

Christians In Japan: 100 Years
I’ve got a few connections in Japan, and I found this particular article on Japanese missions quite interesting and inspiring.

And the two linked directly to Bible101.org are:

Jokes and Stories
As a minister and teacher, a good story is a great attention getter.  While I’ve many many more to add (someday) to the site, these should help keep things going for a while.

PowerPoint Templates
Since I’ve been using PowerPoint I found the lack of FREE templates and Christian images lacking online.  So, I took to posting the ones I made for myself online for others to use.  Enjoy them – share them – share Jesus!