Jokes, Stories, Humor – Part I

Posted by Chuck on December 27, 2008 under Ministry | Be the First to Comment

One of the things that really gets a sermon, lesson, or class going is a good illustration.  My own list of jokes and stories is found here: Jokes & Stories

So, where do I visit for a good joke or story?  One of my favorite places is Cybersalt.

Other sites with cartoons, and humor can be found here:

  • Church Mice – A Christian Comic
    Church Mice: a Christian Cartoon by Karl Zorowski. Weekly sermons online. Click here to skip intro 

  • Church and Family Cartoons by Tim Walburg
    Church and family oriented cartoons by Tim Walburg – New cartoons added frequently usually every week 

  • Theophilus World
    Theophilus is about following Jesus. Familiar situations portrayed with Theophilus, Brother Fairasee, and their friends in these cartoons will cause you to think, study, laugh and cry 

  • The Back Pew – A Ministry of Clean Humor and Gods
    Christian cartoons updated daily on 

  • The SideStream, Free Non-Traditional Christian Clipart
    The Sidestreamtm, free Christian clipart, cartoons, comics and more 

  • The Sheep Comics at Inc.
    The Sheep Comics. Join one lambs adventures in the corporate church as he searches for the truth about the Great Shepherd 

  • Christian Jokes and Christian Humor – Christian Jokes with Riddles, Cartoons
    Tickle your funny bone with Praize Christian Cartoons. We have clean comics for all ages 

  • Christian Cartoons dot Com
    Christian Cartoons dot Com: The Christian Cartoon & Comics Showplace and Resource Center

  • – The Official DuJour Website by Robert Seymour – Topical
    Topical humor with Harold and his friends

  • Kartoon Knuggets
    Katoon Knuggets by Troy Knechtel. Free daily updated Christian cartoons and illustrations

  • Gods Grafitti
    Toons: click on a toon to make it bigger

  • After Eden
    Creationist toons from Answers in Genesis.

  • Smiles Unlimited
    Unlimited started in 1998 as Midweek Smile, a mailing list for clean humor or good quotes. 

  • reverend fun :: todays cartoon
    Reverend Fun: Bible based Christian cartoons updated daily