Jokes, Stories, Humor – Part II

Posted by Chuck on December 28, 2008 under Ministry | Be the First to Comment

A database of sermon illustrations is really useful to the preacher only when he cannot draw upon a real life scenario to make a point.  Unfortunately for most of us, very few of us have lived long enough and done enough to have an illustration for every text in the Bible.  So, where does a preacher go?

I have a few favorites. has 10,000 Sermon Illustrations to search and pick from.  Although I have personally found multiple dupes in their database, they still have quite a good collection. is my second favorite place to get illustrations from.  They’re my second favorite not because of a lack of material, but because I don’t like the search results when I look for something.  I suppose if I was a paid PRO member the results might be better.

With that in mind, IF I was a paid subscriber, would be a nice resource, but unlike there are no freebies here.  So, skip it unless you can work it into the church budget.

Some other places that I check out from time to time (in order of my personal preference) are:

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